EAI completes tens of millions of rounds of financing to achieve full-scale lidar mass production


Recently, our company completed a round of tens of millions of yuan financing, this round of financing will be mainly used for research and development, production and market development of the entire category of lidar. 

At the beginning of five years, do n’t forget your heart

Our company was founded in 2015 by the Shenzhen Academy of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known institutions. Since its establishment, through the exploration of the field of intelligent robots, our company has formed three major business sectors, mainly lidar, robot movement solutions and positioning and navigation solutions.

In 2016, our company created the YDLIDAR brand, focusing on the development and production of lidar sensors. Subsequently, our company built a Lidar smart factory. Under the continuous technological innovation, we launched a number of mass-producable lidars for robots, sweepers and other industries.

With outstanding performance and excellent quality, YDLIDAR lidar is highly recognized by various robot manufacturers. It is one of the few lidar manufacturers in the world that can achieve mass production and is in a leading position in the domestic industry. In 2017, our company has obtained the certification of "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise".

Five years after its establishment, our company insists on product research and development as the core. The founder team has accumulated more than ten years of technical experience in optical and hardware research and development, and technical personnel occupy 70% of the company's functional staff. Through continuous innovation in the field of intelligent robots, our company has gradually mastered its unique top-level technology, and its products have applied for hundreds of patents. 

Self-built factory, double guarantee for quality delivery

In 2017, our lidar smart factory was officially put into production, with a production capacity of one million units. Since then, it has excellent product delivery capabilities. In the field of cleaning robots only, in the past 2018, our company has provided hundreds of thousands of lidar sensor products to many well-known companies in Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, helping manufacturers of cleaning robots to complete the intelligent products The upgrade has greatly enhanced the market competitiveness of its sweeping robots.

Our smart factory has passed the ISO9001 quality management certification. The production process practices the company values that achieve customers, and adheres to the concept that quality is the first vitality of products. Incoming materials inspection, production line sampling inspection, finished product inspection, product testing and other experimental data, such as aging test, vibration test, and high and low temperature test, provide a strong guarantee for the quality of lidar.

Smart factories implement flexible manufacturing management and provide diversified services to meet the customized needs of different customers for their products. 

Continuously ploughing the field of sweeping robots

In the field of cleaning robot subdivision, our company took the lead in achieving mass production coverage of triangulation, TOF, and solid-state all-type lidars. Since 2016, our company has released Lidar YDLIDAR S4 and YDLIDAR S2 tailor-made for the field of cleaning robots.

The performance of our products is twice the performance of the same level of radar in the industry, but the price has an absolute advantage. LiDAR's high cost performance, combined with mature solutions, provides absolute guarantee for sweeping robot manufacturers to quickly complete mass production.

Among them, YDLIDAR S2, which has a smaller size, provides the world's lightest and thinst solution to the cleaning robot company under the premise of ensuring product performance.

At present, with the consumption upgrade of the C-end market, consumers have also put forward higher requirements for intelligent cleaning robots to clean in strong light environments such as balcony and glass wall. Focusing on customer needs, our company launched the TOF Lidar YDLIDAR TS2, which has strong anti-interference ability and can be used outdoors. At the same time, it has good stability and high repeat accuracy, which meets the requirements of cleaning robot companies for the expansion of intelligent cleaning robot service scenarios. 

Actively expanding the field of commercial robots

In addition to the broad prospects of sweeping robots, our company also continues to provide intelligent core components and related solutions for service robots, home robots, and industrial AGVs. At present, the world's four major industrial robot manufacturers have used our professional-grade lidar products in batches.

Among them, YDLIDAR G4, which is widely used in various service robots and home robots, is a cost-effective triangulation lidar. Its sampling rate of 9000Hz and a ranging radius of 16m can meet the application needs of most customers. . The TOF lidar launched by our company has a ranging range of 5m to 50m, which can meet the application requirements of various industrial AGVs from obstacle avoidance to navigation.

Our company deeply understands the actual needs of customers in the industry, continuously improves the core technology of products, and overcomes technical difficulties. From solving the interference of strong light commonly used in the triangular ranging lidar to the recognition of TOF lidar when scanning glass objects, continuously optimizing algorithms and improving product performance, it is the specificity of our technical team's pursuit of excellence and excellence Show. 

Looking forward to the future

In the past 2018, our company has experienced rapid growth. The shipment of lidar sensors in the field of sweeping robots is among the best in the domestic industry. However, our pursuit of higher performance of lidar has never slowed down. .

Our company will further strengthen the technical research and development of 3D TOF lidar and solid-state lidar, continue to increase the market share of YDLIDAR in different segments, introduce high-end technical talents, and increase the capacity of lidar smart factories. Adhering to the mission of providing domestic and foreign customers with high-reliability, cost-effective lidar products and better technical support services, it adds value to customers' products.