SMART Intelligent Mobile Platform System is a high-standard, modular commercial-grade mobile platform system newly developed by EAI. SMART has a built-in high-performance Slam navigation module and high-precision G4 lidar. SMART adopts advanced power system suspension device, which has excellent stability, ground adaptability, obstacle avoidance and accurate navigation capability etc. It is suitable for secondary development and rapid Commercialization.

  • High precision dual lidars and centimeter-level positioning accuracy

    SMART adopts dual-lidar design and is equipped with YDLIDAR professional lidar with a measuring frequency of 9000 times/s. It has double-layer space perception, higher positioning accuracy and more accurate function realization.

  • The product is extremely stable and the obstacle is stronger

    The advanced power system, combined with 6-wheel independent suspension device, can run smoothly on complex ground environments such as blankets, elevators, door stones and the obstacles are more excellent.

  • Easy to achieve large-area mapping

    The mature algorithm uses pure software to delineate virtual walls and virtual orbits, allowing robots to achieve limited range, fixed track life and map construction. The construction area can reach two football fields and it is easier to build large-are

  • Multiple protection and intelligent anti-collision

    equipped with Lidar, ultrasonic, infrared and other multi-sensor fusion obstacle avoidance systems, anti-collision strips, multiple guarantee, SMART can cope with a variety of emergencies, avoiding presser foot, collision, and collision-proof intelligence

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