New height of domestic lidar, EAI officially releases 9K lidar YDLIDAR G4


Following the release of the most cost-effective domestic lidar YDLIDAR X4 on November 11, EAI officially released its latest lidar YDLIDAR G4 on December 12. Unlike X4's main cost-effectiveness, the performance of YDLIDAR G4 is basically the best level that domestic triangle ranging lidar can achieve.

The sampling and ranging frequency of YDLIDARG4 is as high as 9000 times per second. Compared with the 4K lidar, which is more common in the industry, the G4 can provide more accurate environmental scanning contours, and it is easier to identify small objects in the ranging range, which can easily improve service robot Obstacle avoidance. YDLIDAR G4 has a measuring radius of 16 meters, and can achieve 360-degree rotation of clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. It is also the first domestic laser radar that can achieve 360-degree rotation clockwise.

YDLIDAR G4 supports an adaptive scanning frequency of 5Hz-12Hz, which can achieve millimeter-level measurement accuracy and reflect changes in the scanning environment in real time. The height of G4 is only 41mm, which is suitable for all types of service robots, especially service robots with very compact space requirements, such as being installed on the top of a sweeping robot. Such sturdy data is basically the pinnacle of domestic triangle ranging lidar.

The release of YDLIDARG4 can be said to have pushed domestic lidar to a whole new level. As a super-performance triangular ranging lidar, how much does it cost? The official retail price given by EAI is 1999 yuan. A flagship product, the price is only the medium level of domestic lidar currently on the market, indicating that EAI has always adhered to the concept of "low-cost lidar."

EAI has been in the lidar industry for almost three years. EAI has also gradually grown into a professional robot intelligent mobile solution expert in China. The product line has three major sections: an independently developed intelligent mobile platform, a positioning and navigation algorithm module, and a lidar sensor. In particular, the YDLIDAR series of products launched by the Lidar sensor segment business adhere to a cost-effective route and are a practitioner of low-cost lidar. The YDLIDAR X4 lidar, which was launched during the Double Eleventh this year, has an official retail price of only 499 yuan. It is known as the most cost-effective domestic lidar, and is popular among makers and college students.

For the launch of the YDLIDAR G4, EAI CEO Long Jun commented: "YDLIDAR G4 itself is oriented towards commercial service robots, and the performance of G4 can meet the needs of most service robots on the market. At the same time, EAI still adheres to our original intention -Committed to continue to promote the low price of domestic lidar. This is also to allow more server manufacturers to use lidar sensor positioning and navigation solutions, and to give more confidence to people who study slam. "